ProductPrint is the little brother of ProductPrint Pro. There are feature differences, as this chart shows, and because it’s free of charge, users don’t have access to the ProductPrint Pro support forum. Find out more on the ProductPrint page on where it has its own user support forum.

Do your products have lots of reviews, or variations? With ProductPrint Pro you have fine control over what gets printed. ProductPrint Pro adds extra control of the content.

This chart shows the extra features you get by upgrading, and users also have access to the ProductPrint Pro support forum.

ProductPrint v ProductPrint Pro Comparison Chart

FEATURE ProductPrint ProductPrint Pro
Print Button Position control

7 positions

7 positions plus fine adjustment of margins

Print Button Design

Standard button with customisable label text

Customisable icon and/or customisable label text

Featured Image Show/Hide

Featured Image Width

Featured Image Position

Featured Image Margin control

Featured Image Border

Gallery Show/Hide

Gallery Image Width

Gallery Border

Printer Font

Printer Font Size

Header Image

Header Text

Footer Text

Footer Image

Product Short Description Show/Hide

Product Description Show/Hide

Price Show/Hide

SKU Show/Hide

Attributes Show/Hide

Stock Level Show/Hide

Reviews Show/Hide

Access to Developer Support

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